You have the qualifications to break into the big league, have the qualities of a natural leader, passion to make a huge impression, dexterity to recreate the world, desire to carve a niche for yourself and the vital experience of working in the most arduous of projects. You have always visualized a career where you could contribute to the organizational success and prosperity, shine with the organizations glory, get the fullest reward and the recognition for your talent and hard work, and tread the avenues which could lead you to the pinnacle of corporate excellence. To realize this, all that you needed is the right break in your career. A right break will make your career grandeur.

Iknowx will see to it that you get what you deserve. At Iknowx, it is our enshrined mission to spot the talent and illuminate it by providing the opportunities for career growth and excellence. Iknowx is a friend, philosopher and mentor to the job-aspirants and we shoulder the partnership in your career advancement. Hundreds of professionals have been immensely benefited through our organization in pursuit of their desired goals

Entering into a new career opportunity through IKNOWX is a rewarding choice for specialist professionals. Whether applying for a permanent or contracting opportunity, our consultants will find you a position to suit your career path.

Iknowx is driven by specialist attention to each candidate and career opportunity – Iknowx is not a database driven production line.

Once we have received your information one of our consultants will match your skills to our current job openings if your skills fit the job then we will contact you asking for a salary breakdown as well as more details on your personality. If your skills not match, we will keep you on our database and continue to match your CV to our job openings.

Your information will be kept in the strictest confidence and you will always be informed when we send your CV to one of our clients.

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