We pioneer in facilitating the organizations by sourcing their fresher requirements from various reputed institutions across the country and we coordinate these services to the organizations with a win-win situation in a very effective manner.

Advantages for Companies:

Through the campus placement drives / job fairs, the employer can screen and interact with vast pool of college student database and reach to quality/reputed college campuses across India organized by IKNOWX. Considering the various parameters required we offer companies to explore for fresh talent from colleges by various interview options like:-

Short written Tests developed by participating company to evaluate knowledge base of students. Group discussions to evaluate various skills One to one interview with students

We offer all level companies from all walks and size opportunity to participate in such events and recruit, offer job openings to the candidates for their growth along with that of organization. Where in company gains:

  1. Selection from vast student base you are able to scrutinize the right candidate
  2. Be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  3. Liberty of mythology for the interview
  4. Enhancement of company corporate image
  5. Even after campus drive / job fair you can access your requirements through IKNOWX.
  6. Identifying, scheduling and finalizing the campus drive by co-coordinating with both institute and Company.
  7. Easy filtering Process. Lastly but most important you are helping in up-liftment of Non Metro Indian youth and helping the country progress

Advantages for IKNOWX:

  1. Identifying the right place for company requirement.
  2. Scheduling the complete event (Campus Drive / Job Fair)
  3. If company requires IKNOWX can take care of complete transportation & logistics.
  4. If company requires coordinators, will be given to help company people in completing the evaluation process in a smoother way.
  5. IKNOWX is ready to conduct the preliminary rounds basing on the requirements of the company and then request the company to evaluate the short listed candidates for final selection.

Iknowx is tied up with many reputed institutions, and provide the placement training workshops and also facilitate the campus training programs.

As a company if you are interested to participate in such events organized by us please send us your proposal at companies@iknowx.in. or Fill the form below we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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